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The Driving Force of Feng Shui

We would not have the understanding of Feng Shui if we did not recognize the basic force known as Yin and Yang. Basic but powerful, Yin and Yang govern everything in the Universe. Early philosophers recognized the dual force where Yin is the subtle, dormant, dark, and cold just as in the depths of winter, while Yang is the active, vibrant, motivating, and hot we might experience in the peak of Summer. Just as the seasons transition and give rise to the next season in order, Yin and Yang work together in basic principles of harmony.

Yin and Yang are not separate but one maintaining their individual characteristics in that unity. Yin will never change to Yang, and Yang will never change into Yin. Just as H2O becomes water when Hydrogen and Oxygen combine, they are still their separate identities in the periodic table of elements. The same is true for Yin and Yang. These two forces are constantly working with one another to bring harmony to the Universe. When Yang is at its optimum level of energy, Yin steps in to counterbalance. The same is true when Yin is at its most deepest level, Yang steps in the bring life to an already dormant environment. The reason is due to the fact that wherever Yin exists there will be Yang and vice versa just at different levels of each. So, an environment that is mostly Yin still will have traces of Yang, and the same is true for areas that are most Yang, Yin is still present. The two forces are inseparable!

Manmade areas do not always follow the principles of nature and Qi (Yin and Yang). Our structures can block the natural flow of Yin and Yang causing Qi to become stuck and even volatile. On the same token, our structures may be constructed in such a way that Qi rushes through narrow pathways and alley ways that can also be destructive. We want to make sure Qi regardless of form flow easily, so Yin and Yang can function naturally bringing uplifting and promotional energy to the surrounding environment where we live and work. In the natural environment we think of mountains as Yin governing people, while water is yang governing wealth. Qi is said to ride the wind and collect by the waters edge. Mountains and water are not the only forms of Qi. Yin and Yang form other element qualities of Fire, Wood, and Metal.

When we are able to direct Qi that exists in the natural environment into our space, the Qi needs to be able to flow freely throughout the entire space. As the Qi flows from one room to the other, the flowing Qi that activates existent forms of Qi bringing different results to the occupants quality of life.  Regardless of where we find ourselves, Qi (Yin and Yang) exists! In the practice of Feng Shui, we want to activate the good and avoid the negative.


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