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Most people think putting a trinket here a crystal there is enough to harmonize the energy in their home. Each home has a natal chart that if one does not take care to avoid activating negative star combinations can invite trouble unknowingly on themselves.

The star combinations I am referring to is the energy that is captured in the structure when the roof is completed during construction. Depending on the facing and sitting direction of the home, star combinations reveal whether a home is good for relationships, career, and more. How can this be? Energy is all around us. According to Classical Feng Shui, the energy is called Qi. Qi is an invisible, natural force that rides with the wind and collects by the waters edge.

When we successfully direct Qi from the outside environment into our structure, the character of Qi activates the residual, native Qi captured during construction or activated once you move into the structure. One size does not fit all. Another thing that is not the same for all structures is the way the annual and monthly stars flying in possibly activates residual, native energy of a dwelling. To make sure you place the correct cures, a Feng Shui consultant can do a personalized analysis of the structure’s energy map.

Also, the consultant will tell you if placing cures is necessary. All of this rides on the fact that the energy map containing the various star combinations captured during construction may or may not need activation.

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