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Meditation in Feng Shui

Let’s face it, we have all been there. Whether we have relationship, financial, or just everyday problems taking up all our time, we actually might get more done when we take a few minutes to JUST BREATHE. Unless we know how to put things into perspective, our problems can seem a lot worse than they truly are in our life.


We all have problems. Big problems are those that get our attention, make us sweat, loose sleep, cause us to make major life changes, or something stupid. I have to admit, I maybe a control monger when things get out of alignment and I find myself six months down the road asking myself “what was I thinking?” Small problems, meh. We can live with them right? We get up in the morning and remember that we meant to wait for the wash to finish and throw it in the dryer before going to sleep, but….we we fall asleep and the laundry is still in the washer in the morning.


A point comes around when we just decide we need to gain control over our life. Feng Shui is great especially when we have our cures in place and can give us some sense of peace, but offers only part (only 30%) the answer. The influences of Feng Shui comes from star alignment which we do not have any control over unless we reach up and move the stars around, the other is the environment around us such as hills, busy streets, or doorways, and then there is the choices we make from day to day.

We analyze our environment based on star alignment, but we are constantly engaging in relationships, finances, and using personal energy. Regardless of what is going on in life, we are subject to our emotions taking control at some point or another in the day (traffic jams, mustard on our shirt, etc.). And even though we may have great Feng Shui, our life can still seem out of control (some may even think they are cursed). Particularly, what if our afflictions are the result of our being in conflict with the direction of the Grand Duke’s Palace (Dog, Dragon), San Sha or Three killings (Pig, Rat, Ox), or the Five Yellow—Wu Wang (Rat, Boar, Ox). Of course, we might be able to find the right date to adjust obsticle, oops, or communication problems, but we are always going to experience problems.


Feeling in control helps us put things in a better perspective and things do not seem as bad and usually not as bad as we think. I personally find this part of mental and emotional health intriguing, and I think about all the years I was raising children and moving around the world would have been a lot easier had I know this simple method of meditation earlier in life. I am always amazed at how the body has a way of dealing with life issues. Something about getting comfortable and breathing regular helps our entire mental and emotional state, immediately!

  1. Sit or stand still
  2. Breath slowly and deeply in through the nostrils for 6 seconds.
  3. Hold four seconds.
  4. And, breath out our mouth for 8 seconds completely emptying the air slowly.
  5. Repeat.

When we put this simple meditation into practice, we gain of sense of control. The world around us may seem to be in chaos, but we have calm, control. Change will begin in how we feel right away, but the benefits will carry into bigger rewards the more we practice. You can practice this simple meditation with your eyes open even while working on something. I use to have panic attacks standing in line at the grocery store, and even when someone was talking to me I did this simple breathing exercise helping me get through some very scary moments.

Early Feng Shui philosophers considered  happiness as true wealthRegardless, meditation is a fast way to manage emotions transferring to a more peaceful mental state.  We make better decisions, have better thoughts, maybe even a bit more hopeful when we have peace of mind.

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