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PowerPoint Vision Board

In this article, I will share with my readers how easy it is to create their own vision board image that can be used as wallpaper on their computer desktop.  I like this method for it is visible each time I sit down at my computer and I am sending out the frequencies of what I am hoping for while I am working on my computer.  If it is inconvenient for someone to download the subliminal software that can be installed on their desktop, this is another alternative.

1.  Open Power Point and clear out the contents that are created with the opening of the program. 


2.  Select photos that you want to place on your desktop by clicking on the insert tab at the top of the program window in the toolbar.




3.  After you select your photo and click on it, place it on the white area where you would like it to appear on your desktop.




4.  With the photo highlighted on the Power Point white board, select the format tab in the toolbar and click on the black border icon under that heading.  This will place a large black border around the photo.  Add as many photo’s this way as you want to have on your vision board. Repeat the process for each photo until it is the way you desire it to look on your desktop.




5.  After all your photos are placed on the white board and formatted with the border effects that you like, select all the contents under the format tab on the toolbar.  Next, select each item in the list by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the list item with the mouse.  Make sure that all items have been highlighted this way. 






6.  Select the group icon on the menu under the tab format.  This will place all the highlighted items into a group.  *Important- all items must be placed in the group for the next step.





7.  While the group is selected, right click on the image with mouse and select “save as Picture”.



8.  Name your photo the name you like.




9.  Navigate to the location of your photo, and right click on the photo.  Select the choice of “set as Desktop Background”.




10.  That’s it!  Now your photo is displayed on your desktop!  Great Work!




You can have a lot of fun using this method to create your desktop vision board.  I like to use the “WordArt” in Power Point to create affirmations as a desktop display.  I will do another article on how that is done if someone would like for me to explain it.

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