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When to Consider Animal Predictions Advice

I wanted to share a little bit about why I think listening to your animal predictions each year can save you a lot of agony. I will not say that predictions are exact on point, but I can say from my own experience the general overall luck from these predictions needs the recognition they deserve.

2017 was a great year for me. My daughter got married, I graduated college, and I was on the right path for raising my credit score. I was in the last stretch of my graduate degree and I knew I wanted to have a good credit score when it came to getting a job after graduation. First, you want to know the facts. According to Credit Karma, “Employers can request to check your credit, but not your score.” I DID NOT KNOW THAT!

But, most employers who ask to see your credit report have limits to what they can review, and they usually only ask to make sure that hiring someone will not put their business at risk –such as criminal behavior or actions that would seem unethical on their part if they hire you, etc. So, I did not have a great score, but I would be fine had I just left things alone.

Turns out, the fact I was trying to increase my credit score to make sure I was an appealing candidate for a job was not necessary.  My annual animal prediction suggested for me that the first part of the year was great as far as income, but the second half of the year I needed to be careful investing or spending money. Gotcha.

I was doing great with my credit the first part of the year, but the last half of the year things went arry and I am still pulling myself up by my boo-straps. Not everything in my prediction was on key, but I have to say I truly listen because I do believe that we receive certain elements at birth and those elements are in sync with the elements of the living here on Earth. The big kicker is that these predictions tend to analyze us based on the relationship of our animal sign with the yearly energies. So, these energies are in fact in effect and not something we can get over right away. In other words, the whole system is a process and takes time to “balance out.”

So, think seriously about listening to your animal predictions based on classical Feng shui, know the facts before making decisions based on your finances, and make decisions based on the question “is it worth it in the long run” before taking a leap into a serious relationship or investing a lot into something that may not pan out in the end.

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