Xuan Kong Flying Stars

Flying Star Analysis for 7th July to 7th August

We look to the flying star chart each month for locating the energy that promotes our success and avoid sectors containing negative energy. Triggering existing energy, positive or negative, can linger with us throughout the day, week, month, and even year. Some say these energies are magnetic, I believe so. We are similar to conduits and I also believe the energy can integrate with our personal energy. I believe Qi behavior is similar as if someone says something that hurts our feelings and we et upset. We might think about it for a while, while some can just let it go. So, we need to be aware of these energies so we are not susceptible to them. Knowledge is power.

Lets take a look at how the numbers (Stars) line up for the 7th July to the 7th August. Once a year you will notice that all the stars align with the annual stars. Meaning, the same flying star entering a sector with the same annual residing star is similar to adding another log to the fire, or another spoon of sugar to our coffee. The combination will not change the character of that energy just make the energy stronger; the same is true in this case.

We want to be leery of the NE, W, N, and E since these energies are already negative. Lets double up on the elemental cures in these areas. For example, the color of the numbers represent the element quality of that star. In the Northeast we have the argument #3 wood star (the color green).

Do you know…

about the five element theory of production cycle? This means that we do not want to produce more wood in the Northeast since the #3 is currently untimely energy meaning it can bring arguments, handicaps, injury, gossip (the kind you cannot fight), legal suit, asthma, and more. I feel the #3 is especially potent.

Triggering the #3 wood energy means we best not discuss issues at work or openly. Make sure to curb this energy using the weakening cycle. What weakens wood in the five element theory? Fire such as candles or bright lights. The introduction or prolonging of the fire element in the NE sector this year also promotes the Earth element of the NE sector.

Does this mean you can spend time in this area now that you have a metal cure in place. Not really, but at least if you have to work or do activity in the space you are better protected but nothing is 100% guarantee. In the areas where there are positive stars we can devote our time to these areas.

The three main areas of any space is the entry way, the living room, and the bedroom.

In fact…

the type of energy in these areas is the most important areas you want to know what energy is there each month so you can know how to behave accordingly. If your bedroom, entry way, or living room has negative combinations, the best advice is to avoid the sector all together until the energy changes the next month or year.

What? You mean do not use my bedroom for an entire month; even year? You might want to sleep in another area of your space, use a different entry way, or meet together (watch tv, play games, etc) in another part of your space until these energies change; even if you place cures here. In ancient China, Feng Shui was a tool to prescribe. Feng Shui does have means to work with negative energy. We say to use “cures” but these methods do not necessarily “cure” anything. Spending too much time in an area with negative or clashing energy, even when we place cures, can cause problems in the long run. Its best to wait out the energy cycle to change to a more positive one.

Many people spend thousands of dollars to correct the Feng Shui of their home or office. The truth is Xuan Kong Flying Stars which is the method for determining the shifting energy and comes from the perspective of shifting energy based on time. We can get a snapshot of the quality of Qi in any area around the world using Xuan Kong Flying Star Method. However, change is inevitable. So, spending thousands to change our space, we must know energy changes, even that expensive renovation will change at the turn of a new Feng Shui period. Patients is a virtue.

The best Feng Shui advice is to hire a Feng Shui consultant who is knowledgeable in Four Pillars Method that can analyze your personal energy and determine the best home for you. Sometimes, people say, “but I cannot afford to move.” Feng Shui can help in these times. But, you get a head start by making sure to purchase or move into a space that aligns with your personal energy and future goals.

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