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Five Element Production Cycle

I spent some time loving the idea of decorating my home with items you might find near a beach. I grew up in the panhandle, and since moving to the desert; I miss the water! I truly believe I was a fish in my previous life (maybe a mermaid). I have an area above my fireplace I can exhibit something that is open and inspiring. My first thought is a painting or something representing the ocean (starfish, conga shell—ceramic, etc.).

Since I am Feng Shui familiar, the area is adjacent to the helpful people gua which is of the metal element so having the water element I thought might drain the metal energy. I quickly caught myself because this is dysfunctional thinking in terms of Classical Feng Shui. Why? Because, Classical Feng Shui only considers the true element. In other words, a fake conga shell made of ceramic is considered the Earth element and a painting of the ocean is made up of wood (frame and canvas). Therefore, wood would exhaust the metal element and ceramic would strengthen and even enhance the metal element of the helpful people gua!

What do I mean when I say “enhance” the metal element. As I mention in previous post, Qi being able to move freely from one room to the other, the residual energy becomes energized where the Qi flows. So, an area with existing metal Qi interacts with incoming Qi. The reason true element quality items in the right areas of our space makes an important difference, because these items also interact with the sector’s native Qi and the incoming Qi.

Qi becoming energized out of season or time is not a good thing. We want to keep certain types of Qi at bay for a period of time. However, in season Qi that is beneficial due to the time period we live can support us in certain life endeavors. We want to enhance or strengthen these energies.

To do so, we want to introduce not only healthy invigorating Qi that moves freely throughout our space, but we also want to introduce elements that support and build upon already supportive Qi. We do so through placing elements based on the production cycle of the five element theory.

The Fire element builds and supports the Earth element, the Earth element builds and strengthens the Metal element, the metal element builds and strengthens the water element, the water element builds and strengthens the wood element, and the wood element builds and strengthens the fire element. We always want to consider the items we use in our space based on its true element nature and not the thought or feeling that it represents.

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