Xuan Kong Flying Stars

Feng Shui and Weather

Someone ask me the other day if our Feng Shui changes with the weather. No, the weather does not change Feng Shui unless an abrupt storm leaves debris and clutters the entrance or breaks a window. Of course, anytime the condition of living space is an important aspect of good Feng Shui, the weather itself does not change the Feng Shui of our space.

Sometimes, the stars might align into a space where there are cracks in the floor or holes in the walls. We want to make sure to take care of anything that is broken or damaged because the items or structure might fall prey to the Feng Shui or visiting stars influence. For example, the Southwest sector has the influence of a combination between 6 and 7 in June 2018. We want to make sure there are not any broken metal in this area since the combination influences dangerous metal which can harm and cause excess bleeding.

So, we do not have to worry if a sudden rain that comes might add extra water to our Feng Shui unless the water pools and sticks around for a long time. Dirty water is thought as stagnant and yin which can influence the Feng Shui indoors, but here again this water would have to stick around for a while to have any type of influence on the interior Feng Shui of our space. I do not think there is any reason for concern in these types of scenereo’s.

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