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Classical Feng Shui: Focus on Time

Want to understand why we analyze monthly shifts in energy? I received quite a few questions this week pertaining to how Qi shifts within our space. The whole reason for making sure to know what energy shifts occur each month has to do mostly with time. Star energy shifts as the rotation of the heavens occurs.

The Bagua is a map of the energy influencing our space according to direction, time, and place. As the stars shift, we know what energy will be more prominent in the different sectors of our space. Each star shifting represents a phase and quality of Qi. When we delve deeper into the study of the different stars, we learn each star represents a period of time, different directions of Qi quality, and much more. When we see the reports of the shifting energy and whether we want to enhance or avoid that energy, the information is a combination of many different factors rolled into a generalized analysis.

Qi comes in a variety of qualities and strengths. Period 8 represents a period of 20 years and means that the influence of the 8 star invokes a prime energy level. As period 9 comes into play around 2024, star 8 quality will begin to change in quality and strength. We consider these shifts in the quality of each stars Qi as time. I always think of the Earth rotating around the Sun each day when wanting to understand the concept of the shifting energy of star Qi over time.

Just as the Sun reaches the East in the morning, the quality of that energy is different than say the Sun reaching the West in the afternoon. Maybe you have a beautiful flower bed in the East that benefits from the quality of energy of the Sun in the morning. Maybe you have a rose garden in the West that benefits from the quality of energy of the Sun in the afternoon (maybe even a pool, eh?).

The Earth or place where the Sun is changing quality of energy becomes affected as each level of energy changes. The same is true for the shifts of energy of each star over time. So, period 8 which is between 2004 and 2024, the star 8 is most beneficial to our condition of life. Just as we have a certain area of our space we feel most elated, the period we live according to Classical Feng Shui is similar to a sweet spot in time (Yin and Yang relationship is harmonious). When 2024 rolls around, we will be within the prominant period of the 9 star bringing all the qualities of the 9 star as well as maintaining that sweet spot in time.

Other stars outside the prime energy of the current period will have a different level of quality because the star will either be progressing towards a more prime energy or retreating from being a prime quality of energy. Now, all this of course is most important based on its positioning on the Earth. Just as the Sun’s energy is different in one spot on the Earth throughout the day, a star’s energy quality is different depending on the time or period we live.

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