Baked Bread Bowls

Yin and Yang foods are said to affect our level of spirituality. People who are more sensitive to mental expansiveness tend to eat a more Yin natured diet, while others more grounded tend to eat more Yang nature foods. Grains and meats are thought to be Yang in nature, while nuts and fresh vegetables are thought more Yin.

I have always wanted to learn how to make bread from scratch. I know my mom and her mother lived during a time when there were no bread machines nor packaged bread at the store. I dont know why I feel that homemade food is healthier, but I feel the same about homemade bread (no preservatives). I met a woman who came to our garage sale saying she was 80 years old but looked 60. She said she looked so flawless due to never eating foods with preservatives. Fancy that!

I made this recipe, but my bread was a bit dense. The outside had a nice crust on it, but I wondered why it was not more fluffly inside. I am learning that several factors contribute to a more fluffly bread. Some say knead the bread more and others say kneading too much will make bread dense. Bread that is sticky is better rise in many suggestions so I am going to try using less flour and allow bread to have a second rise without deflating before baking in my next batch.

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