Just A Manager

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Look at what I am about to say to you in this article with out of the box eyeglasses, you have a difficult role!  You sit between leadership and production workers and there is no two ways about it.  You have to look out for the honor of the captain and know how to shift […]

The Drivers Seat

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Just recently someone close to me decided to do something that they really didn’t feel was ethical.  I was totally out of the picture on this one.  Alone in my office minding my own business for most of the day, I was surprised to hear this person was going to actually considering making that decision.  […]

Preparing Our Way

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Where you are in this moment of your life may seem difficult.  You may feel abandoned and without hope in this world.  Psalms 50:23 promises us that if we sacrifice our thanks unto The LORD it prepares the way that He may show us the salvation of God.  When you take a few minutes to […]

Making Improvement

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When we experience feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction, do we accept those feelings as part of life and value them for what they can do for us knowing that they are there to help us improve our lives?  If we learn to recognize frustration and disappointment as tools that help us recognize our indifferences in […]

Who is really in control?

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I was just talking to my mom this evening, and we were discussing different situations about different areas of life.  We got to talking about the current situation with the economy, and social security, and we always seem to sum things up together about everything after a while.  I really enjoy talking with my mom. […]


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As my husband and I entered our agents office we sensed a feeling of gratitude and excitement. We shook hands with our agent saying “good morning” while we both felt the atmosphere around us take on a wonderful aura. Our agent was emitting a wonderful feeling of confidence and it felt great to be in […]