Marketing Pirates

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I have to admit that there are times when I like someone even if what they are telling me really doesn’t fit my experiences, so I just listen because I like their style and humor.  I read their blogs and listen to their advice.  Many times I will watch their videos and I will even […]

Clarity and Success

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These two really do go hand in hand.  When you are creating a goal, you can use a review method at the end of the day by maintaining notebook to acknowledge what works and what needs improvement.  This will help you stay organized, focused and it will help build more clarity around what really is […]

Being Unalike

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Have you ever talked to someone that was basing everything they did on a daily basis just because they wanted to avoid being like someone else?  How frustrating it can be to live in a constant state of worry.  The unfortunate part of living in a state of worry is that a person will usually […]

Taking Care of Business

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Have you ever had those moments where you are fully engaged in work, yet others seem to be slacking but depending on you to continue working?  It is burdensome and downright unfair but according to Michael Losier when we focus on our desire and give it attention we set our vibration to a positive mental […]

Changing Our Mind

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I remember back in school when a load of us were sitting around in class waiting for our assignment for the day.  Regardless of the class we were in at the moment, there were always many of us that were either listening in to the conversation around us by our peers or fully engaged in […]

Intuitive Guidance

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I like to read other peoples viewpoints on learning how to use our intuition and guidance system.  Just recently I was listening to a well known author discuss how she ask her guides to help her know how to do something or put things into perspective and I could here myself asking what about Christ […]

Our Deeper Self

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When we are busy in our daily lives we are emitting frequencies of a vibrational wave.  According to the Law of Attraction, “we attract into our lives whatever we give our attention, energy and focus, whether positive or negative.  The interesting thing is that we are always entertaining some thought or feeling and sometimes we […]