Feng Shui Enthusiast is my personal journey into learning Feng Shui as well as other areas of Chinese metaphysics. I enjoy writing about each new concept or perspective. One way to learn more in depth is sharing that knowledge with others. I enjoy feedback as well as others questions in order to gain a more in-depth understanding of Chinese metaphysics.

The subtle nuances of energy is all around us. However, the Yin and Yang of energy is a different perspective than I grew up understanding about the environment as well as the biological nature of life. Feng Shui helps to understand another perspective of the nature of subtle yet profoundly influential energy that influences us from the galaxy and planetary alignment.

Unlike modern day Western perspective astrology, Feng Shui is a scientific analysis of how the Yang energy of heaven influences  the Yin nature of Earth as well as mankind. Some aspects of that influence is unchangeable while some can be manipulated to improve our luck as well as our destiny.

The information, at times, makes perfect sense, and at other times challenges me to learn and understand more. Metaphysics does not seem to be a static science. As a new day dawns, a new journey begins; yesterdays knowledge thereby becomes only experience.