Feng Shui Enthusiast, LLC. is a place you will find information related to Chinese Metaphysics, Web Design, and much more. Started in 2007, I was excited about the new found knowledge I was gaining about Classical Feng Shui and wanted to share that knowledge with others. The web was fairly new and blogging was also new to me.

I begin to dabble in web design to make my blog more interesting and fell in love with coding. That was over 11 years ago, but my interests in these topics grew more over the years. I since then completed to college degrees, one a graduate degree in psychology. I also studied and completed courses in Real Feng Shui and BaZi Mastery at Mastery Academy. To add to these passions, I completed web design courses. Even though I spent a great deal of time studying psychology, I still held a passion for all these topics which both have extensively grown along with me.

I think I crashed my website more than a hundred times over the years, but I became only encouraged because this added to my passion to create an amazing website which is STILL a work in progress. Just last week I crashed my website and realized I lost years worth of blog posts. So, here I am again building another about page. One thing I told myself is to start making sure to back up everything so that if I crash my website again I will at least have my posts. Some lessons are harder to learn than others I guess.

BTW, the theme I am currently using is a free theme I found on WordPress. I am currently working on my first WordPress theme design which I hope to launch at the end of the year. Be careful what themes you decide to use which I feel is the reason my website crashed last week. I am hoping the theme I am currently using is a little friendlier.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy visiting and if you have questions about any topic you find on my website I encourage you to comment or email me because the best way to learn is to do these things in real time.