Life can be challenging at times. Some experience excruciating tribulations, while others seem to flow through life like a Summer afternoon breeze. Because we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the West, I begin wondering about those who feel this time of year as chastising. Not everyone experiences life on average, so hearing words of encouragement may be more discouraging than anything. Today, I want to emphasize reasons to be thankful because of the benefits being thankful can bring during difficult times in life.

Positive Thinking

Negatively looking at our circumstances not only can raise our stress levels, but also program us to always be in the critical mode. Even times when things are going good for us will seem negative because being in the habit of feeling down causes us to feel out of our comfort zone when things are going….well. We can find ourselves in those moments of good, looking for something to be or go wrong. One reason to be thankful is that it helps relieve our stress levels, and helps us learn how to find the good even during those difficult times. To me, along these lines is what I deem as positive thinking.

Find Happiness

Life really does have balance. One of the reasons I enjoy learning about Feng Shui is the notion that everything needs balance. In other words, even when things seem out of control behind the scenes things are working toward balance. We may have a rough patch, but there is going to come a time when things calm down and balance out. This does not mean something more negative can come up, but the one out of balance circumstance will eventually come into balance.

Just like working out the complications of a project we are working on so that we get better at a skill, we need to be able to focus on something that brings us happiness to get through the rough times. Whether its a moment of relaxation watching our favorite program, or visiting with close friends and relatives, we have to find happiness in day to day life. These are the things we can be thankful for this time of year, the things that bring us happiness because we have them and we cherish them. We cherish them because these are the things no matter how big or small are what gets us through and helps us hold up our head.

Reasons to Be Thankful

If we take the time to really think about life in general, we can find many reasons that can cause us to be thankful. Just being alive and being able to enjoy the morning sunrise can stir in us feelings of thankfulness. Breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly helps us alleviate our cluttered mind and emotions, and we truly can be thankful for such things. Once we learn how to find simple things (seemingly simple things) in life to be thankful for, we will have many, many reason to be thankful. Being thankful will become a way of life and we will become happier inside. That is the gold life gives us. The opportunity to find the good and live the reasons to be thankful. Bad times come but they also go. Do not miss out on the good by holding onto the pain and stress of the bad.

Amy Thompson

Amy is a psychology graduate, founder of Feng Shui Enthusiast, and Life Coach. In her spare time, she enjoys front-end development, content writing, her new puppy Max, photography, and organizing.

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