The energy shifts that will take place on October 8, 2018 relate to the shifting Qi within our space. The same energy that shifts in my home is the same energy that will shift in all structures. We know that on October 8th the energy will be in full effect. Why should we take the time to consider the shifting of energy in our space based on Feng Shui?

Each one of us spend more of our time in some areas than other areas. The central areas we focus mainly is the kitchen, bedroom, and living room since these are typically areas most people spend the greatest amount of time. If you work from home and have a home office no worries since the bagua allows us to superimpose the chart of energies present at anytime over our entire space. All you need to do is find where your sectors align with the cardinal directions on the chart. Make sure the chart spreads out over your entire space.

Negative or Untimely Energies

Because energy patterns are cyclical, some energies considered “untimely or negative” coexist along with energies that are timely. The untimely energies are the ones we want to avoid. So, the 2, 3, 5, and 7 energies for the most part at this time. Look at the chart and find these negative or untimely energies and know that whatever area of your space these energies exist you need to avoid. Sometimes, we are not in a place to avoid certain untimely energies so we do what we can to curb or reduce the potential effects of these negative energies. How? Through the use of the weakening cycle of the five elements.

The Weakening Cycle

Out of the five elements of (1) fire, (2) water, (3) earth, (4) wood, and (5) metal, these energies have a relationship to each other. For example, Fire produces Earth, and Earth produces Metal. At the same time, the produced element can drain or “weaken” the element producing that element. Fire produces Earth, so Earth weakens Fire. This is how we curb or weaken the effect of negative or untimely energies.

More professionally, if you can avoid the area for the month, do so. For example, your main door in an afflicted sector means opening the door or having negative landforms can cause these negative energies to present themselves. Use a different door for the month.

N 2 Earth Star (Metal) – When the #2 earth star is untimely, the energy influences illness. We already know that the annual influence of the #5 calamity star in the North is negative so in the addition of the same element of Earth in the form of the #2 untimely star makes the North sector an area to avoid and keep quite. To weaken the effects of the #2 is to use the element of metal.

SW – 3 Wood Star (FIRE) – When the #3 wood star is untimely, we say the energy of that area comes under the influence of a type of agitation energy. Arguments are a primary effect if spending too much time under the influence of this star. If you cannot avoid the space, the weakening element to wood is fire in the use of candles or lamps. According to some resources the combination of the metal #6 star and the #3 wood star affects specifically the oldest son of the family.

SE – 5 Earth Star (METAL) – When the #5 earth star is untimely, we say the energy has the potential to influence all sorts of mishaps from accidents to things not working right. Metal curbs the Earth element, but the SE sector this year has a lot going on and if you can avoid this sector and keep it quiet as much as possible you are doing the best thing.

NW – 7 Metal Star (Water) – When the #7 star is untimely, we consider the influence relates to robbery or legal disputes. Water weakens the energy of Metal.

Remember, if you can just avoid these sectors for the month then why bother trying to cure them running the risk of triggering their negative effect? Instead, spend time in the sectors of more uplifting and vitalizing Qi.

I hope you find this article helpful and if you like this post share it with those you feel might benefit from the information. 




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