How often do we carry a negative emotion around some area of our life? One of the reasons maybe we tend to feel negative is that we push our feelings down or we do not accept that feeling negative is part of being human! The more we push aside our true feelings or tell ourselves we are not feeling negative, the more we will have to fight off those emotions later on tomorrow, next week, or years from now.

Sometimes, life causes us to feel fear or become anxious. A neighbor is wondering if he will be working a year from now because he works for a contract company. I am sure he spends more than just a few moments wondering how he will make ends meet in the days to come. He continues to get up each morning and go to work. In his spare time, he works on weighing his options, focusing on his skills, and polishing his resume. Life sometimes comes at us in waves, and other times a surprise storm.

I believe in positive psychology, but I also know our feeling all types of emotions is how we know we are alive. A friend and I were talking the other day about a situation that brought up a range of emotions, some deep and scary. But, one thing I love about her is that she always changes the direction once we have went through all those what we deem as negative emotions to something more inspiring and positive. The same is true when we feel excitement about something happening in the moment. Can you imagine always feeling the feeling of excitement? We would probably burn out in no time.

So, we do not need to hide from negative emotions. We can feel those feelings and not be afraid of feeling them; even the ones we feel embarrassed feeling. Feeling emotions that are uncomfortable and understanding why we feel those emotions is the foundation of psychology. Whether we have a of moment of imbalance or we are experiencing difficulties in life, our emotions help us know our weaknesses and our strengths. We have to work through our emotions so we understand ourselves better and know what makes us tick.

I remember a song years ago and its when the music videos were popular on MTV. Everyone was wanting to make a better video than the next artist, but there was one in particular where everyone in the video dressed and looked alike. Each one of us is different, so we are going to have different emotions at different times. You may come to work happy as can be while I am feeling a bit frustrated with something I am going through in life. The next day, I can be on top of the world while you seem to have something you are upset about. That’s life. Then there are those days when both of us are feeling down, or another day we are both having a great time!

The next time you feel negative emotion, instead of hiding those emotions because you feel being positive is what you are suppose to do, embrace your emotions and accept your emotion as part of who you are at the moment. You do not need to feel guilty or embarrassed because of your feelings. Feeling anger does not mean you are a bad person. What you do with your feelings or the action you take is what determines the outcome. Instead of allowing your emotion to control you, you stand your ground as your emotions roll.

As the wind rushes across our face, we accept the wind and feel the fullness of the wind. The same is true with emotions. No emotion will destroy us. We may feel tattered and torn just as sometimes the wind can blow us around. Trying to fight an emotion is the same as trying to fight the wind. We will not stop the emotion any more than we can fight the wind. Allowing ourselves to feel the depths of our emotion, we are being genuine to ourselves and our feelings. Remember, “this too shall pass.” Sometimes, we cannot change our situation and we may need to accept conditions, but we do not have to accept that our situation will always be the same.

As I tell everyone when talking about the energy of the universe, everything is in a constant flux or change. Things may get better tomorrow or could get worse, but we can make it through the worst of storms. Our enduring the storm holding on as firmly as we can until the storm passes is sometimes the best we can do. We can still benefit from the beauty life holds. We can still enjoy the beauty in the morning or the sound of laughter. We can still feel inspired from a love song or the waves crashing up on the beach. Find something to focus on that inspires you even while you are going through a difficult time or feeling negative emotions, because in this lies the secret.


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Amy Thompson

Amy is a psychology graduate, founder of Feng Shui Enthusiast, and Life Coach. In her spare time, she enjoys front-end development, content writing, her new puppy Max, photography, and organizing.

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