We all hear the term “passion and purpose” but do we really understand the significance of having passion and purpose for our life? When we are children we think of different career paths we find intriguing but James Bernard Rosseau, SR. seems to have us right when he says that the social environment has a way of “stealing those dreams from us.” We move onto going to school learning what we need to learn while we are developing into adults riding the rollercoaster of human development.

Many of us unfortunately do not take the time to think about what our passion and purpose truly is because we fall into working for a living through a trade in service to others. While these are good and honorable paths to follow and many have done so, we have to wonder if even these people who we hear work their entire lives for a company found a passion and purpose while they work where they do all their lives. What cause people to make it through the times when they lose their job and pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Mr. Rosseau, Sr. says and I agree that passion is “what fuels us through difficult times”, and a leading motivator when we feel life is dealing us an unjust hand. People with passion and purpose live incredible and full-filling lives. Just as I enjoy knitting and severely crave it if I am not twitching my needles at least 25% of my waking hours our passion gives meaning to our purpose. I literally taught myself to knit from having a passion to provide my children with decent warmth during the cold winter months in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Finding Your Passion Leads to Your Purpose

Every single one of us have likes and dislikes. Some of those likes and dislikes can astonishingly transfer into our passion. I remember in my undergraduate studies my assignment was to interview a local artist to find out what his or her job requires outside the creative room. I remember as I visited a local artist at a place where artists display their work in hopes of a buyer, he exclaimed how the gallery did not appreciate the hard-work that goes into his paintings. I listened intently as he begin to show me the damaged canvases from the gallery mishandling his paintings during transport. I felt his frustration and his anger and completely understood why a gallery must have the utmost respect for an artist’s work. His painting were gorgeous by the way!

I learned first hand that day what the meaning behind passion meant. From that day on I had a different perspective about what a gallery represents and what a gallery means to an artist. I no longer felt that the gallery was the reward of viewing paintings but the care that goes into displaying and handling paintings of local artists. From this I now am passionate about artists who take the time to display their work in a local gallery. I have a deeper understanding of what an artist may or may not go through to bring their passion to the social environment. Whatever area of life you find gets you emotional and wanting to help is where your passion and purpose lies. Even though I did not pursue my passion for artist’s work, I did feel that day I wanted to open a gallery and take special care of artist’s work. Here is a list of ways to discover your passion that can make you live life on purpose:

  • Make a list of situations that get you emotionally involved.
  • Define what areas of that experience cause you to want to improve the situation.
  • Brainstorm how improving the situation help improve the lives of others.
  • Create a mission statement to cement your purpose your drive

A Final Note: Example Mission Statements

Mission statements will help cement your passion in a way you can let the world know what you do has a purpose. For example, Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Microsoft’s mission and aim is “to empower the planet with the latest in computer technology. Its aim is to help people and corporations achieve their full potential through the use of Microsoft products.” Amazon.com’s mission statement is “to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” All these mission statement are derivative of someone realizing the world needing something to improve some area of others lives.

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