This morning my plans were to go to church. I was not ready to go out the door until time for church to start. I could make other various functions but the first function is the most important to me, rather I did not want to interrupt everyone. I decided to stay home and give it a whirl next week. But, the negative thoughts started swirling around in my head. Disappointment in myself is more along the lines of how I was feeling inside. I spent all week preparing which made me feel disappointment all the more. Here is how practicing positive thoughts works, because immediately I caught myself falling into negative thoughts about myself and changed my thinking. I begin to celebrate who I am right now in my life.

Setting Goals Puts You in the Top 3%

We naturally want recognition from others. According to Seltzer (2013), gaining recognition from others simply feels good. Again, a famous quote is that one word sums up living the life you want to live and that word is “progress” (Tony Robbins). When others validate our actions, we get an idea of whether we are progressing or not. Also interesting is for some reason we make a more to do about negative actions of others than we do positive ones. So, if your effort to reach a goal and fell short, do not despair. My mother always encouraged me that “E” is for effort. At least you are making the effort to make goals and reach them.  According to Bryan Tracy (2001-2018) less than 3% of people have written goals and less than 1% review and rewrite written goals. So, you having goals (and writing them down) puts you in the top 3% of people.

How to Personally Recognize Our Accomplishments

It’s true. Our being able to recognize our accomplishments raises our self esteem. Not only does recognizing our personal accomplishments raise our self-esteem which is vital to success in reaching our goals, but we are able to figure out what we still need to do to accomplish or how to improve what we do in order to reach our goals the next time around. For example, I realized that just because I wake up early every morning does not mean I will on the morning I need to go to church. Obviously.

So, I am going to set my alarm next week in order to get there on time. I was going to be hard on myself for not knowing to do this in the first place, but I slept in probably because I was exhausted from beginning exercise schedule this past week. After a while, I begin to realize that everyone at church is human and those who make church on time each week probably practiced until they got it right. If you are not in the habit of recognizing your personal accomplishments, do what Jack Canfield suggests at the end of everyday write down 5 things you accomplished that day whether its brush your teeth or enrolled a new customer for your business.

Finally, Celebrate Who You Are Today and Reach Out

No matter what walk of life, you are here today and probably weathered some pretty difficult situations in life. Even those who are younger in life, you may not have adequate support from your family and friends. We all go through dry spots where the people in our life seem to have problems so much so they forget we are in the room. Maybe we flubbed up quite a bit to where our family and friends already give up on us but we do not have to give up on ourselves. We can recognize our accomplishments, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, and reach out to others who are struggling.

If we are built up in self-esteem and we have written out our goals and pursuing reaching those goals, we have the energy and potential to reach out to others and help them in some way which also builds our self-esteem putting our frame of mind in the right place. I help people change their lives for the better, so I am always looking for ways to help others and there is no greater reward than at the end of the day feeling what I did today matters whether someone else recognizes it or not. This is my Passion. I am not a walking bundle of self-esteem everyday, but I learned to celebrate who I am today because when it comes down to the wire, we are all human doing our best to find happiness in this life.

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