Many times we may feel tempted to believe that the Universe, Karma, whatever name we give is against us because of some unfortunate or uncomfortable reality we experience. Truth is the Universe or energy of the Universe really wants our happiness just as much if not more for us than we might realize. The Universe supports us and our friend. Just walk outside anytime of the year and notice if the plants are growing, or the Sun shining, or the weather stormy and you will know the natural energy of the Universe.

You are an essential part of all that exists and it is the natural inclination or energy of the Universe for you to grow and be happy, healthy, and successful in what you desire for your life. The energy of the Universe does not send us anything other than what we hold within ourselves that we believe is possible or impossible for ourselves.

When there is something we want for ourselves, we only need to allow ourselves to be continuously open to what we want to experience in order for us to be able to realize that experience in our reality. When we have a thought of something we desire for ourselves the Universe says it is here ready for you.

However, the moment we decide that we are not worthy for whatever reason (we were not born rich, we never have someone that shows interest in us) then the Universe says “your wish is my command”. The beauty of this is that the Universe is not going to force anything upon us that we feel we are not worthy in the having of it. We may at one moment imagine having something that we feel would be so wonderful and the next moment begin resisting that experience based on our thinking that there has to be a certain order of things in order to have it.

The Universe is ready to send us what we want in our life, but the Law of Attraction only works based on what we hold in our vibration. So, the moment we imagine something wonderful the Universe lines it up ready to bring into our experience. If we do not hold onto that vibration or feeling of wonderfulness and start thinking or resisting the having of it, the Universe stores it up until we get into alignment to the having of it.

Amy Thompson

Amy is a psychology graduate, founder of Feng Shui Enthusiast, and Life Coach. In her spare time, she enjoys front-end development, content writing, her new puppy Max, photography, and organizing.

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