If you ever wonder why some people put boulders around their home, the homeowner may consulted a Feng Shui consultant. Why? One of the most important reasons people seek consultation is due to either health, wealth, or relationship issues. In the process, they hope to find some answers to these issues through learning about their homes natal chart.

Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui developed from the need to understand the character of the environment surrounding a structure, the nature of the internal structure characteristics, and the quality of useful for ensuring a good burial site for ancestors. In China, the quality of Qi (Chee) for an ancestors burial site is as important as a healthy home for the living descendants. In some cases, professional Feng Shui consultants will actually visit a client’s ancestral burial place to evaluate the quality of his or her destiny in life. But, a basic understanding of why we might consider whether placing a boulder, planter, or water feature on the outside of our home comes from examining time, space, and forms of a dwelling structure. The reason for doing so allows for understanding the quality of Qi a dwelling may offer residents. An ideal dwelling structure is one that affords good wealth, health, and relationship energy patterns, but we often hear no dwelling affords perfect energy patterns. Some dwellings may be great for generating and maintaining wealth, health, and relationships; where as, others may afford wealth potential while not affording auspicious energy for health or relationships and vice versa. The key here then is to know what type of energy a dwelling space offers and move forward by knowing how to remedy the inauspicious energies or utilizing positive existing energy in the natal chart.

First Things First

The very first thing a consultant may consider is the date the first residents occupy a dwelling space. For example, a home built in 1983 and not occupied until after February 4 1984 is thought to be in period 7; even though the house construction is within period 6. According to Flying Star Feng Shui, time represents the quality of Qi and patterns of flow of Qi across time based on the energies of certain heavenly arrangement (star patterns of movement). For example, period 7 afforded certain qualities and patterns of Qi across the span of twenty years. The center of every home built and occupied between February 4, 1984 and February 4, 2003 contains strengths and weakness influenced by the nature of star 7 (metal element characteristics). Each period—from beginning to end—spans a total of twenty years when a particular star is at the height of auspicious energy. For reference, stars go through a repetitive life cycle of growth and decline.

As a star reaches a height of growth, the energy or Qi of the star (each star has an element quality, e.g. water, fire, earth, etc.) is thought to be the most prosperous Qi of all the stars at the time. Once the star reaches the height of Yang, Yin qualities kick in and marks the beginning of the decline cycle influencing a more negative or inauspicious energy. Within the stars most auspicious energy is relative to a period where the star influences the center palace the strongest as well as influences other energies and flow of Qi throughout the entire structure. As the star begins to degrade, a new period or other star reaches height of positive or auspicious energy. We are now currently in period 8 which begin February 4, 2004 and last until February 4, 2024 when period 9 begins with period 9 relevant energy patterns. Since we are currently in period 8, we know that the influence of the star 7 within any structure is thought as negative or inauspicious.

Time Means Change

We may wonder why a house that offered such a good quality of qi for certain people or aspects of a families life changes. People change and we do go through a variety of phases in life that either strengthen us or weaken us. Homes are the same, according ot feng shui, but we can know regardless of what age of a home if the home will benefit the residents. In other words, homes or the character of a structure is a wee bit more predictable than that of humans. A qualified Feng Shui practitioner will be able to determine the quality of home’s energy based on the facing and sitting direction once he or she knows the age and date of the home’s construction. Depending on the result, the practitioner may make suggestions on where to place a water structure or mountain structure in order to activate as well as unlock specific energies inherent in the home. Some homes may face and sit in stars for wealth without the need to activate them, while other homes need the help of activation. For example, a home that sits in a certain direction will take on the quality of one of the 24 mountains in Feng Shui. Each of the 24 mountains in Feng Shui takes on characteristics depicted in the book of changes (Yin and Yang), where change overtime means the characters of the home will reflect negative or positive influences.

Through these characteristics that result from various changes overtime, the character of the home reveals any beneficial energy for the residents. Ideally, we want our home to sit with a mountain behind us and face the direction of sheng or prosperous Qi, but we may not always be able to find a structure that does so. We could not necessarily build a mountain behind our home so that the energy patterns in the structure will take on a productive cycle of Qi, nor could we create a river or road in the front to activate any wealth or prosperous Qi. However, a water feature or mountain type structure is possible to create or stimulate these yin and yang qualities of Qi. The important thing to remember is when we are placing a flower bed or we have a huge mountain type structure close to our home, we want to make sure these things do not disrupt a potentially positive energy flow or activate a negative flow of Qi within the home. A practitioner can tell us where the best place is for us to put a water structure (pool/fountain) or mountain structure (flower bed, garden, elevated earth) so we do not activate negative Qi patterns in our home.

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