I mention in an earlier post how initially our first experience reading a Chinese Lou pan might be intimidating by all the information contained therein. Learning that Magnetic, True, and Polaris directions relates to different areas of our life, we can begin to understand the usefulness of using the Lou pan. Maybe enthusiasts prefer to know the bottom line while some dig into details seeing Feng Shui as a science. Either way, we all benefit from the general information I share in the following post.


When we use a regular compass, we may believe the compass leads us based on true north; however, scientists suggest that because of the molten and moving lava at the core of the earth, magnetic north shifts a few degrees from true north. A compass works with reading the magnetic pull at the North pole. Others suggest that magnetic north is nearer true north depending on what part of the world and lines of longitude and latitude you read a compass. True north is the actual point of the North pole, while Polaris north is where Polaris closely aligns with true north which is an interesting read in itself.

If you are wondering why there are so many different types of measurement for true north, when we want to get a more accurate reading in order to pinpoint a location or direction, we basically have three choices: (1) True north, (2) Magnetic north, and (3) Polaris. True north if we read accurately will get us where we need to go and we will be able to arrive where we want to arrive.

However, how are we to know if we are getting an accurate reading unless we take into consideration from where we are if we are finding our way correctly when reading our compass? The answer is that most people prefer using a compass to trying to locate Polaris in the night sky, and well from what I am reading is not as bright and sometimes so dim at certain times of the year we may not our way at all. We are sure to be able to estimate where we are with a compass, but we must know that the compass will be off by sometimes as much as 45 degrees.

If we find the big dipper and at the center of the opposite side of the handle extend out about five times, we will be able to find Polaris. That is if the little dipper is too dim to see, which Polaris is the very last star in the handle of the little dipper. Aligning Polaris with north (red dot) on our compass, we will know how far off our compass needle while reading magnetic north from true north!

Lou Pan

So, what does all this have to do with the Feng Shui Practitioner Lou Pan? Well, the lou pan is divided into 8 different directions: four cardinal and four sub cardinal. We can get an accurate reading when we want to know what direction our house is facing whether our facing direction is north, south, east, west, southeast, southwest, northwest, or northeast. What is truly great is that each of these directions are further divided into three sections for each of the 8 directions giving us a total of 24 directions!

Each of the three dividers of each direction relate to the heaven, earth, and man Qi of that direction. So, a house facing east can read for the heaven Qi, earth Qi, or man Qi allowing us to understand the type of Qi available to that space for each of three aspects important in Feng Shui. If you remember from previous post, heaven Qi relates to the stars and planetary movement translated by the Chinese lou pan as time, while earth Qi involves the Qi in our environment translated by the lou pan as mountains or rivers, and man Qi relates to our position to Polaris and that quality of Qi.


I was reading up on some aspects of Jupiter and the influences of Jupiter on our life as we live in the space or environment here on earth. I began this quest due to the aspect of regarding the Grand Duke Palace each year feeling I did not want to fall prey to superstition. It was not until today while reading on various aspects of astrology just how influential Jupiter is to us here on earth that I finally give in to the energy effect possible to us from the movements of this planet. Apparently, the energy of the stars related to the great bear can have a significant energy influence on our lives.

Also,the Chinese lunar calendar predicts the daily movement of the moons path across the sky for an entire year, while the great bear segment of stars along with the sun and moon are the most accurate of all stars for reading energy across months as well as years. One of the reasons we see in Chinese astrology the different animal signs, such as Ox, Goat, Horse, and so on is due to the various moon paths across twelve different moon paths (years) which can consist of varying qualities of energy waves.

So, for example when we read about the characteristics of an animal sign we are in essence describing the varying qualities of energy of the moons path across the earth’s sky for that particular yearly path. Each moon’s yearly path represents one of the Chinese astrology animal signs.

Conclusion: I feel more confidently reading the Chinese Lou Pan I bought several years ago. I read the facing direction of my home today so I plan on writing about the characteristics of different facing directions of homes and their different energy types in a near future post.


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