My perspective is always first considerate of Classical Feng Shui. What is classical Feng Shui? Classical Feng Shui relates to the area of metaphysics that deals with only taking into consideration the influence of heaven’s (stars, planets, etc.) infuence on the environment (physical) and managing on tapping into available Qi (pronounced Chee like see). Flying Star Feng Shui is a major part of this view, while contemporary Feng Shui has the additional lucky charms, laughing buddhas, Pi Yao’s, et cetera. I do have many of the contemporary items, but I first consider aligning with auspicious (beneficial) energy from the classical perspective which I consider a fundamental scientific approach (more on this perspective in another post).

Some yearly energies we guard against namely the Grand Duke’s Palace or the Three Killings each year stems from the Flying Star Feng Shui analysis. These residual energies change position each year, yet the study of 8 mansions theory allows us to tap into the ongoing residual energy based on the construction date and time our home or office that only changes with modern updates, such as renovations.

Eight mansions theory also allows us to decern our  personal auspicious and inauspicious directions based on our year of birth which we can utilize wherever we go. Our personal kua number never changes and will be with us our entire life. This is good news because once we know our auspicious directions based on our birth year, we can learn how to benefit from those energies at anytime. I find that me knowing the inauspicious and auspicious directions based on my personal kua number helpful, especially when I am visiting friends, vacationing, or not feeling well.

How to calculate your personal kua number: If born before the year 2000 and female, add the last two digits of the year of birth until the number is a single digit, add the remaining single digit to 5. If adding 5 gives another double digit keep adding the digits until reaching a single digit. For males born before 2000, subtract the remaining digit from 10. If born after the year 2000, we add to 6 (instead of 5) for females and subtract from 9 (instead of 10) for males. A total of 9 different types of homes exist using this theory as well as personal kua numbers that allow us to specifically locate our lucky and unlucky directions. The purpose of these calculations stemming from eight mansions theory allows for better matching the right person with the right energies of a space but we can utilize the information anywhere (work, vacationing in hotel, etc.). Numbers 1, 3, 4, and 9 are east group people, while numbers 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are west group people. So, east group people benefit more from east group homes, and west group people benefit more from west group homes.


Personal Kua Number calculation examples:

Female born in 1993:  9 + 3 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3, 3 + 5 = 8, Kua number 8 benefits from a west group house (Males can be west group too)

Male born in 1991: 9 + 1 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1, 10 – 1 = 9, Kua number 9 benefits from an east group house (Females can be east group too)


Maybe important to mention, calculating a personal kua number we also might need to consider the month and day of birth. Chinese New Year calculations result from observing the phases of the moon which produces varying times of the New Year. Lo Shu formulas always use the New Year on February 4th or 5th. If your birth date is before February 4th (eg., January 28) consider your year of birth the year before your Western year of birth. For example, a person born January 16,1993 in Chinese Year calculations actual birth year may be 1992. Many different viewpoint exist between calculating personal kua numbers, so if you do have questions follow up by reading more on the topic here and here.

Once we establish our personal kua number we are able to find the auspicious and inauspicious directions that tailor to us personally. We will know regardless of where we are how to tap into auspicious energy either by sitting facing these directions or sleeping with our head positioned directly. For example, the SHENG CHI direction represents the energy to support success and is the most beneficial energy for each person. TIEN YI direction represents health or rejuvenation, NIEN YEN direction represents love and relationships, and finally FU WEI direction represents personal development and growth, such as education or training.The HO HAI direction is thought as generally inauspicious, while the WU KWEI or Five Ghosts direction can attract people who slander and gossip causing all types of inauspicious luck. The LIU SHAR also known as the six killings brings 6 different types of inauspiciousness, such as accidents, illness, loss of wealth energy, reputation destruction, loss of close family members and some suggest even death. CHUEH MING or total destruction can bring enduring and most challenging life changing issues such as diagnosis of permanent illness, total loss of wealth (bankruptcy), and injury.

Not a single day goes by when I do not consider what direction I am facing while sitting or standing whether I am facing my Sheng Qi, Nien yen, Fu wei or Tien Yi direction. I also take into consideration my sleeping direction. If my personal kua directions align with the yearly Grand Duke’s palace or Three Killings, I choose another favorable direction to sleep, sit facing, or stand. Is your desk facing your personal growth direction? Some suggest sleeping in their Nien Yen (health) direction can make the difference between a good nights rest and feeling better in the morning. I would not worry if you have no other choice than to face or sleep in a negative direction just know better energy exists if you face one of your auspicious energy directions based on your birth date.



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