If you keep up with the periodic flying star transitions each year and month, you may be getting ready to place your cures for August.  I want to share Feng Shui perspective concerning three wealth considerations we may want to remember so we can begin caring for and nurturing energy for wealth. 

Creating Wealth. In creating wealth using Feng Shui, we first need to consider the type of energy we consider as wealth because everything is energy. Ask a number of people to give you a definition of wealth and you will probably get all type of answers. What is important is the frequency or vibration of all the descriptions. Do their eyes light up while describing wealth, or do they begin to talk faster or seem to vibrate a higher frequency? In order to get a full understanding of the underlying energy of wealth, the Chinese consider two basic forces of nature referred to as Yin and Yang which are dual forces that permeate everywhere and all the time. Yin is a subtle and yielding form of energy that resonates energy for intuition and emotions, and relates to the element of water; while active, assertive, logical, describes the characteristic of Yang and related to the element of fire.

When we think of elements in Feng Shui, we are not necessarily speaking about the physical aspect of the element but the energetic force of that element. Just for a moment, lets consider different furniture made of either metal or wood. Just thinking about each type of furniture, you might sense the difference between the energy from each one. The metal furniture has a different characteristic than the wood. Because, Yin and Yang always work in relationship to each other promoting harmony in the Universe. The element energies various items send out are at a basic level representative of that relationship. In other words, the five elements represented in Feng Shui include: (1) Fire, (2) Water, (3) Wood, (4) Metal, and (5) Earth that are different forms of energy resulting from the transitioning relationship between Yin and Yang.

The primary function or result of the interaction between Yin and Yang is the frequency or energy we might feel from items in the environment or interacting with another person. We can understand the nature of the relationship between Yin and Yang as we look at the different seasons each year. Yin is often referred to as the cold, damp, and depth of winter while Yang relates to the intense and brightness of summer. You may wonder what about spring and autumn and you will understand the transitioning of the two with each another. Yin and Yang are the two basic energy forces that create all the variety of energies that promote the environment we live and we could not have one without the other in order to enjoy all the variety of life that we enjoy. Now, Yang is not necessarily the actual heat of summer but the height of active energy we can expect at the hottest point of the summer. Just as Yin is not necessarily the cold but the lower vibration we would expect to be in the depth of winter.

Wealth For Everyone. According the principles of 8 aspirations school of thought useful in the practice of Feng Shui, we learn there are 8 general areas in any space that vibrate at certain frequencies consistent for everyone. Some people feel they are fortunate to have children, while others may have a prosperous business. Again others may be academically resourceful, and some have recognition and fame. When we live a balanced life we have harmony amongst or within these 8 general areas of life which include: (1) Wealth, (2) Health, (3) Fame, (4) Career, (5) Relationships, (6) Education, (7) Mentor Luck or Travel, and (8) Children or Creativity Luck.

Everyone can have happy buddhas throughout their space, but the Universe only works with the underlying frequency or energy, so if the happy buddha helps lift your spirit and helps you be hopeful, then this is the energy that the Universe is working with to bring prosperity. Also, wealth which really means prosperity has different meaning for each person, but lets suppose we want to examine our space to see if that space is good for increasing our chances for wealth. Can we suppose that a house will always be advantageous for anyone who lives in that space? If this were so, would not we not just build houses that prospers everyone? So, wealth or prosperity first represents what the person believes to represent wealth for him or for her.

Next, we would need to know the condition on average concerning his or her wealth or prosperity. For example, does the person always have plenty or did something seem to change overnight? We must always remember that everything is interconnected by boundaries where different forms of energy interact. We would not just fix the energy of our space for wealth without interrupting other energy in our space. To be more specific, we must consider the outside environment, the inside environment, as well as the individual are interconnected to each other.

We must not only consider what our space represents but we also need to consider the challenges the person may be facing or not facing in life in order to be able to determine how to direct him or her to maximize any potential prosperity energy.

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