When I first watched the movie “The Secret”, I was skeptical. The idea of attracting anything we want in life seems on the surface something that is too good to be true or even magical. After watching the video, I begin to realize that most of what the guest speakers were emphasizing were points on positive thinking in order to progress in personal goals. Some people may not realize they are not living their life dream.

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If we are ever going to achieve anything important to us in life we must first have personal goals. We not only need to have goals, but we also need to know how to accomplish those goals through identifying the steps to gradually achieve our goals as well as have patience and determination.

I get the part of focus and optimism that the guest speakers seem to emphasize in order to “attract” abundance and success in life. I am not convinced of the idea of always being in a perfect state of mind. To me, I feel this concept leads us to deny our feelings or emotions which can be different from day to day. I think for the most part in order to achieve some goals we do have to have a certain underlying belief system that allows us to keep a consistent frame of mind which comes from achieving those goals , and for me means personal motivation. Some may even compare the idea of attraction as a superpower or being in the zone (a state of mind where anything is achievable—that is, what you want to attract in life). Is this the stuff legendary athlete superstars utilize?



One of the main reasons I appreciate the basics of meditation is learning maybe about ourselves better. I think one of the main characteristics of making the law of attraction work has mostly to do with being able to focus on what makes us happy, which seems to resemble matching energy with the things, goals, careers, and abundance we want in life. I have heard others say that our mind is a filter to the energy within us and around us. Everything really is energy, even our thoughts and emotions! However, the way energy works and how we manage that energy is definitely a personal journey. Years passed and two degrees later I feel I am finally getting an idea of what the law of attraction means on an energy level, which I think primarily begins with learning how to focus on what we believe make us personally happy. While this may be a beginning work, we may have fears around or disbelief in the possibility of achieving happiness in life. Certainly, we will be able to better attract what we desire in life once we experience the fruitfulness of our achievement. Once we find what we believe will bring us happiness, and we begin working towards that we believe will bring us happiness, the better we get at attracting more of it.

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