When we talk about moving furniture or opening windows in Feng Shui, we may be activating timely beneficial energy or breaking up stagnant energy. When we discuss positioning our bed or desk towards a certain direction we may want to tap into energy existing in a certain cardinal direction. But, we may not understand why we do such things, or why our endeavors may still produce ill results. Does it mean Feng Shui is wrong? Hardly, no. Sometimes, experts want us to just accept what they are saying without helping us understand what the nuts and bolts are behind these theories. While we want answers right away, we have to be patient and learn about the nature of Feng Shui so we do not adversely make our situation worse. Feng Shui offers general guidance through basics in Feng Shui. Three basics, in fact, that matter to everyone.

Feng Shui Considers Everyone. Feng Shui based on metaphysical science and realized over a thousand years ago helps us tap into life giving energy if we know what type of energy exists, time and location. Sometimes, a certain time of day we might open a window to activate auspicious energy (timely) or break up stagnant energy. Ancient sages inquired and utilized the science and principles of the nature of existing relationships of Yin and Yang in the environment. Just as we tune into the weather report each day, Feng Shui interprets the elemental condition of Yin and Yang (the result of Heaven influence on Earth) and the influential power of that present condition.

Sometimes the relationship between existing energy in a space or environment might clash with influential energy (just as lighting from extreme electrons) or at other times nourish existing energy from influence (just as an early rain on a scorched garden). Many confide in the Farmer’s Almanac, which may exist categorically similar to the principles of Feng Shui. Although Feng Shui relates to the transitioning of the Solar and Lunar calendar as well. Feng Shui comes from the perspective of well being at the core of theory—personal, whereas the farmers almanac is mostly concerning agricultural. We might inquire the date of the first and last frost for the year in the almanac, where Feng Shui enthusiasts begin each new year (and months) learning (inquiring) the transitioning of flying stars (which relate to elemental nature) potentially influencing each sector of space discovering whether yearly, monthly, and sometimes even daily energy will support or hinder well being in areas such as career, relationships and so on in the coming year.

Feng Shui Affects Everyone. Feng Shui helps us understand the fluctuating energies for our space each year which can vary from sector to sector and space to space. Astrological influences affecting the Southwest sector of a home or office space in Switzerland are the same stars (elemental energies) affecting the Southwest sector of a home or office space in Australia. The annual stars (Heaven) inspire the same energy for everyone. Again, how that energy affects certain spaces (Earth) will vary. For example, the natal chart of a home may differ from another based on the construction (update) date, facing and sitting direction, pakua number of residents, as well as layout of space. Certain cure placement may or may not be specific for everyone, but the energy influences on a general level are the same for every space. Flying star Feng Shui guides us in the relationship between Yin and Yang (Heaven and Earth) each year and how that relationship influences certain areas of our space which ultimately affects our well being either positively or negatively.

Feng Shui Helps Anyone. A space still in period 7 will not resonate the same energy of the annual stars influence as a space that is up to date with period 8. Some experts even suggest a period 7 house is nearly almost all stagnant energy. Remember, everything within the theory of Feng Shui is cyclical, periodic, and systematic—predictable. Qi is a living energy able to revitalize any area ready to receive it. Not one person experiences perfect life or energy in their space. Regardless, anyone can utilize Feng Shui to help understand what may be at the root or help improve one or various situations. In essence, Flying Star Feng Shui is so inclusive, anyone can determine the locations and quality of Qi influencing his or her life; even if the space is not up to date with period 8 (Feng Shui is very intricate, well thought out). When we consider the physicality of Flying star Feng Shui, we know we are definitely going to be able to determine the quality of Qi in any space, but we can also determine how that quality of Qi will affect different members or various important areas of life based on certain aspects and qualities of that space and the influential heavenly and earthly (and human) for the year.

If I were to give anyone my best advice for learning the basics of Feng Shui in order to determine the quality of Qi of their space would be to start investigating whether the space receives the fulness of the annual star benefits. Sometimes our problems may stem from an older house that cannot receive the benefit of the season or yearly influence. When I first begin understanding Feng Shui, I practiced Black Hat Sect Feng Shui and implemented Feng Shui cures according to the direction of the bagua. My home built in 1963 was of course still in period 7 but I had no idea or even conception of Flying Star Feng Shui at the time.

Each person’s experience with Feng Shui will vary in deed and is definitely a lifelong journey. However, I mention here some points I feel will help maybe highlight important basics of how to begin right away receiving Feng Shui benefits. We live in an Earthly environment influenced by structures of Heaven cyclical in nature that form readable patterns for identifying beneficial energy for the year. No matter where we live, no matter who we are in life or what our circumstances we can turn to Feng Shui for answers.

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